Pablo Acosta
Amado Carrillo Fuentes
Marco DeHaro
Mimi Webb Miller
David Regela
Comandante Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni
Mat Perez
Santa Elena

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Cast of Characters

Pablo Acosta

Until his death, Pablo Acosta was one of the top narcotics padrinos of Mexico, controlling crime along a two-hundred mile stretch of U.S.-Mexico border. At the height of his power, he was smuggling 60 tons of cocaine a year for the Colombians—in addition to the incalculable amounts of marijuana and heroin that were the mainstay of his business. He was the mentor and business partner of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the so-called Lord of the Skies, who took over after Acosta's death.

A confidential U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration report entitled "The Pablo Acosta Organization" describes Acosta as follows: "Acosta directs his organization from Ojinaga with an iron fist and does not tolerate rebellion, either overt or covert. If a leak is suspected, or if a member or associate fails to act as expected, they are removed quickly and permanently. He has a strict enforcement policy, which is killing the delinquent customer. Acosta takes a personal and active interest in any bad business practices, or talking by his enemies or competitors."

"His killings are very flamboyant and are done in a distinctive manner as an example to others. He is a vicious and extremely dangerous person who has little regard for human life if it stands in the way of his operation. Although he is small in stature, he does not hesitate to become involved in a gun battle with his peers or with law enforcement personnel. Acosta has put out several contracts on competitors and has been implicated in two Hobbs, New Mexico, murders and four in Mexico. His organization has been linked to at least twenty murders, and the total may even be double that number."

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Pablo Acosta posed for the author in front of the shot-up Ford Bronco he and his men were riding in when they were ambushed by a drug rival at a desert ranch south of Ojinaga, Mexico. Acosta was wounded, but his rival was killed.
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This surveillance photo was taken of Acosta at a rodeo in Ojinaga, Mexico. Acosta was a DEA fugitive who kept out of reach of U.S. lawmen by staying on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. The DEA considered him one of Mexico's top drug padrinos.
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Typical of Mexican drug traffickers, Acosta surrounded himself with tough looking pistoleros—gunmen such as the men shown here. The photograph was taken at a rodeo in Ojinaga, Mexico, by a U.S. Customs agent posing as a tourist.